National Chengchi University
International Summer School
July 1-July 31, 2021

National Chengchi University (NCCU) is one of the top universities in Taiwan. It is also the university with the best reputation in academic fields of humanities, social sciences, and second to none in East-Asian studies. 

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Now - May 10th 2021
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In tune with NCCU’s vigorous development in internationalization, we launched National Chengchi University International Summer School (NCCU ISS) in 2009. We  provide international students with the opportunities to the Mandarin Chinese from NCCU's prestigious Chinese Language Center, English-taught courses in the Asia-Pacific aspects and field trips. 

Field Trips and Excursions: More Vibrant and In-depth Cultural Experiences

A variety of field trip in every Thursday will take you to explore the most significant cultural and historical attractions in Taiwan, such as Taipei 101, National Palace Museum or even visiting indigenous tribes. Excursion's dates and spots are subjects to change.  *Excursion (USD 150) are calculated with English-taught courses as a program package. If students do not show up for the excursion, there will be no refund.

In 2021, NCCU provides 3 optional excursions to allow applicants with various budgets, interests and cultural backgrounds to discover the unique charms of Taiwanese cultures. With the form of small-group, in-depth visiting, we will take applicants to discover Taiwan, a beautiful island with unique fusion of cultures and breathtaking scenery.